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Mapala stands Student Nature Lovers. Sometimes there is also interpreted Oldest Student tuition (perpetual student). They are also in identikkan with people who wing "left wing" is super cool, tough on set dressed casually and like drunk-drunk. Opinion which states that the figure in the community of nature lovers are sometimes impressed always "negative". Negative impression might arise, because the appearance of those who call themselves lovers of nature itself, which often look shabby, dog-eared, long-haired, sober (although not all nature lovers look like this). It may also be because people often see nature lovers memorable events rah-rah, and or do not want to know their surroundings, could also be due to the activities of nature lovers regarded as a wasteful activity and a waste of time, effort, and money just for a death-defying hobby , interests and talents without having a real meaning and purpose (although this is not entirely true). However, there is little organization or group of nature lovers who do positive activities such as participating in the rescue operation, helping isolated communities, or nature conservation.

Apart from all that, the presence of students of nature lovers is inseparable from the history of the world of student affairs in Indonesia, where the decade of the 70s student activities oriented to practical politics increasingly restricted. Besides, there is also a sense of boredom with the political conditions of the time this creates circumstances student activity "anemic". The condition is increasing with the issuance of Decree No.. 028/3/1978 total freeze on the activities of the Student (DEMA) and the Student Senate (SEMA) in all universities in Indonesia which gave birth to the concept of normalization of Campus Life (NKK).

In such conditions, then gave birth to the idea to form a new container in the form of other activities for students who have the same hobbies and interests, they both love the outdoors like mountain climbing, rock climbing, tracing the dark alleys in the cave, rafting, and so forth. Equally important in the subsequent development is also characterized by the activity kepecintaalaman keberpihakkan attitude to nature and the environment, so that the organization / group of nature lovers who grew up in the university environment is not only a mere wilderness activism, but also get the environmental activities portion of the balance with adventure activities in the wild. Started by Mapala UI, organization / group of nature lovers grew and flourished in the Universities in the country, both at the university and within the faculty.

Nature lovers that means is derived from the word of love and nature. Love means love, affection, and admiration. Nature means everything around, either inanimate or living things. So from the word love a lover that refers to the subject of the people. However, until now there has been no definition of what is right with nature lovers. For nature lovers said it contains a very broad sense. This is always a heated debate within each annual meeting nationally in Talk and you know Medan (TWKM) Nature Lovers Students Se-Indonesia or the National Gladian held 2 (two) years. So that the forum can not formulate a definition of the term Nature Lovers and handed back to the organization / group respectively how to "interpret" the term.

Although until now no one has been able to formulate the term Nature Lovers, but the views of their activities can be divided into several groups, namely:

The first group are those who are only concerned with outdoor activities with the mission of hobby and interest adventuring in the wild. Its activities include mountain climbing, climbing cliffs and caves penelusura.

The second group is that in addition to adventure activities, as well as activities oriented to preserve the environment, so that the development activities kepencintaalaman become increasingly widespread. In addition they also perform adventurous nature conservation, socio-economic observation-cultural society to SAR operations. The group is the most widely performed by the organization / group Students of nature lovers. Many are victims of the "fall" in the "death-defying" but full of "love" is, as well as their devotion dharma in this beloved land in the conservation of nature (though not recorded in the history books). Neither bad activities that can only be cultivated by people who have the guts it depends from which angle people look at him. And the only people who can understand them ariflah.


Personality of this week.

Mr. Tufik M Guntur is the one of teach in STMIK Islam Internasional. He has the smart intelegent, good communication skill and good relation ship was make him sucess....

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